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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pigpen Prose

Just wanted to take a slight detour from my wet dreams - surfing that is - to give props to one of the most dedicated artists I know. My friend Kacy Curtis has been toiling away in obscurity for the last ten years as a committed novelist. The only thing harder than becoming a professional surfer? Becoming a successful writer. Making it even more difficult, Kacy hadn't read a complete book until the age of 19. That's right, he made it through high school with only the foggiest of notions about Boo Radley, Holden Caulfied, Phineas and company. At the time he was just too busy living to read about other people's lives. But I'll let him tell it in his own words:

"I was born in Ashland, Oregon in 1976. I graduated from Ashland High School without having read one book. My overall G.P.A. was a 2.0, but I excelled in all of the violent sports. In 1996, after taking a year off to drink margaritas on Maui and Kaua’i, I attended Southern Oregon University. I dropped out after one semester because it conflicted with my principles and my vices. Since then, I have gotten lost in Yellow Stone National Park, and liquidated my mind on Bourbon Street. I have driven an R.V. across the United States, and cried while visiting Graceland. I am currently living in Portland, Oregon with my wife, and am hard at work on my next novel, 'Fourth and Forever.' My hobbies include building rope-swings, eating at Home Town Buffet, barnyard wrestling, and watching Three’s Company."

Kacy now devours books at a clip that is the envy of librarians. He writes slavishly, as if his well-fare depended upon it. And, in large part, I think it does, which is why his novels are so compelling. But have a look for yourself. You can read excerpts of his four completed novels and find links to purchasing them at Pigpen Prose.


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