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Friday, December 29, 2006

Do You Know the Street Value of this Mountain?

Before I had surf buddies, I had ski buddies. While I was down in Southern Oregon over the holidays, I had a chance to catch up with some of them and rekindle my love affair with the mountains.

When I was five years old, my parents took my two older brothers and me to Mt. Bachelor for a family ski vacation. Problem was temperatures on the mountain maxed out at -30 degrees. Not to be deterred, my dad and I crashed and careened down the bunny hill until my smile was frozen solid and his hands were black.

From that day on I was hooked.

Twenty-five years later and a disproportionate amount of my life has been spent on the slopes of Oregon. In particular, on Mt. Ashland. Yesterday, OS, Dak, Spoons and I found Mt. A in rare form. A massive storm had shut the mountain down for two days with blizzard conditions. On the third day, the storm passed, the sun shown and a foot and a half of powder beckoned. We skied until we could ski no more. Roughly about three hours. We’re all in pathetic ski shape, which would have felt embarrassing if I could have felt anything other than complete exhaustion.

P.S. – Today I feel stiffer than I do surfing backside.


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