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Monday, December 18, 2006

Take 'em out at the Toes

In Cabo last summer I had the misfortune of stepping on a sea urchin. Five months later and the urchin is still puttin’ some serious hurtin’ on me. Two months ago, a long-buried spine bubbled to the surface of my foot. After repeated Epson salt soakings I thought my toe would lose its pig in a blanket look and return to normal shape; unfortunately it’s only become more inflamed – adding ketchup to the little piggy.

At this point, I’ve been unable to run for nearly two months, which means my only form of exercise is surfing and cycling. But freezing temps, hurricane winds and enough rain to drown Noah (of Biblical fame, not Winchester) mean my only exercise is none.

With this sort of training regiment firmly (or not so firmly) under my belt, I headed out surfing yesterday with Nash, aka Winchester. We drove through snow, climbed over wind-felled trees and sludged through mud only to find the break sloppier than Britney Spears on a Saturday night. We plunged ahead and were quickly swept south by a strong rip. After one failed attempt to pop on a ledgy, three headed monster of a wave I found myself all the way on the inside. Little did I know at the time, but that would prove to be my best ride of the day.

Well, maybe I’ll get a new toe for Christmas, then my foot will fit in a ski boot and I can start skiing to fill the void left by surfing. Or maybe I’ll just have to join Chum and OS next time they skip town for a sun-fueled surf sesh in Mexico. Que suerte!


Blogger twin said...

Sounds like you need some pool time. You need a workout? I'm sure I've got a few....or fifty...laying around.

7:53 PM  
Blogger G said...

My immediate plan calls for jacuzzi time over the holidays, but pool time afterwards could be just what the doctor ordered. What sort of workout would you suggest? Thanks for the help in advance.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sit ups... then reward youself with 12 oz. curls. It's the yin and yang of working out.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Chum said...

Dude... Sorry about the toe... Seriously. Wish you were here.

Let's hit the Jacuz when you get back to PDX from A-Town.

10:11 PM  
Blogger OS said...

G...Rest assured, we've tried to stomp as many of those buggers as we could down here for ya' but there just don't seem to be as many encounters as there were in Cabo. Nevertheless, Chum has a few tweezer dug craters in his feet to show for our G-vengence efforts.

Just about to head out for our last sesh of the trip; but after reading about your latest session up north, I'm starting to think about extending this trip on a permanent basis...just need to figure out how to make a peso or two down here.

Hasta Manana!

6:35 AM  
Blogger G said...

Thanks for the kind words boys. I've taken my show on the road and am now in Southern Oregon. I've brought the board though, and hoping we can get a sesh on the southern coast. Other than that I'm following Patch's advice, but I'm upping the ante with 40 oz gotta pay the cost to be the boss. Off for a 1/2 day of skiing right now...the conditions are 14 degrees with clear skies and 2 new inches over night...that's more like it.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now were talkin'... Have fun.

5:35 PM  

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