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Monday, February 19, 2007

2nd Annual G-Spot Invitational

The holding period for this year's G-Spot Invitational has been moved up a month to Saturday 24 or Sunday 25. The decision will be based upon a close analysis of all pertinent indicators, such as swell size/direction, wind speed/direction, tide and, most importantly, the severity of the contestants' hang-overs. The question is whether it is better to surf early Saturday with slight grogginess or midday Sunday with mind-numbing morning after pains?

Those in attendance last year will remember the G-Spot Invitational for its stellar conditions, top-notch performances and overall good times. With swell sizes potentially reaching the twenty foot range, the 2nd Annual event should prove to be even better. So stick some bubble gum in those dings, darn the holes in your wet suits and wax up the boards because this weekend is the main event. An award ceremony will follow the event to honor the best of the beasts in the following categories: Best Wipe Out, Longest Ride, Biggest Wave, Best Picture, Smallest Wave and Best Tube.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alone Together

Driving to the coast we laughed and listened to music, sharing in the excitement. In the parking lot we wrestled into our wet suits and watched the horizon. We tip-toed out on the rocks together. Then in one quick motion I plunged into the dark sea alone. Just me and the cresting expanse. Paddling madly in my voyage to who knows where. I sat up in the slate gray waters and thought of them. Where are they? Did they decide not to get in? Then I saw them bobbing toward me. A muted relief filled my chest. Two other surfers emerged on the outside and we exchanged waves till the two departed. Then we were alone together. The ocean. My friends. Myself.