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Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Tuesday the 21st could prove to be an interesting
surf day along the California coast. The 72h+ models
place a hefty storm in the Gulf of Alaska on a beeline
for the Oregon coast. Simulations say this would slam
the Oregon and Washington coasts with at least 20-foot
surf, which is hard to believe given that this is
August and not January. Still, models seem convinced
on this unseasonable scenario this morning. This could
mean SoCal could see some 290- 300-degree energy with
11-13 second periods making for highly consistent,
chest to head high waves around west facing breaks.
This whole scenario seems surreal though given the
time of year and all, and basing this on 72h+ models,
we'll definitely need a few more days to see how this
all plays out."

Just read this yesterday as I was starting to get excited for a trip back up to the Pacific NW. Now I'm a little frightened, but in a good way. Finally get a chance to truly test my new stick.

In preparation, logged some time this morning. Knee to waist meant it wasn't a total waste, but very humble all the same. Looking forward to friends, family and frigid waves. See ya all soon.


Blogger Nash said...

I would re-check that forecast. Looks like it has already dropped off considerably.

12:13 PM  

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